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Big news regarding the new Tumblr Terms of Service!

Tumblr (and XKit user) shadesofgris just informed me that they contacted Tumblr regarding the new TOS, and got a message from them, stating that they won’t be blocking or deleting accounts of anyone for using any browser extensions or userscripts!

Quote from the mail:

(4) If you’ve used a browser plug-in with Tumblr before, you’ve probably seen how we’re already enforcing this policy. Users are asked to acknowledge the added risks associated with unsupported plug-ins – namely around privacy and reliability – and to accept the extra provision that our Support team will be unable to assist with any issues that arise. That’s it, and you’re back to blogging!

Another quote:

While we’ve always been within our rights to deny access to anyone making unsupported modifications to Tumblr, we do our best to err on the side of openness. The more enthusiastic developers and happy users, the better. :)

TL;DR: No plans to suspend accounts for using plug-ins, and our current policies on plug-ins aren’t changing.

"TL; DR" though.

You can read the full e-mail here.

Anyway, it means that nothing will be changed for XKit (or Missing E, Tumblr Savior etc) users after all!

Not sure if they meant this from the beginning, or just backing off after the backslash from the community, but, it means that you can keep using XKit! (or any other extension.)

Again, thank you for your support regarding this, and for using XKit!

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