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An open letter to the extension developers

Read Mored, I apologize if you are on mobile.

Let me start by saying that I love competition.

When Missing E was active, we would race to add the most features, and try to make our product the speediest one. Sure, perhaps, from time to time we did not get along, but we both knew that by doing this, at the end, our users won. They would get more features, a speedier extension, better support for browsers and more. There is nothing good about a monopoly. It kills innovation and our passion.

(The extension mentioned here is not in competition with XKit/Missing E at all by the way, and does not provide any functionality for your dashboard like they do. I’m just writing this because I would like this practice to stop.)

But there is something bothering me, the developers of this extension, (which will remain nameless in this post, since I don’t want to give them the joy of promoting them here after their, well, ”techniques”), not only spamming XKit and XIM tags (along with much more, completely unrelated ones), they are actually harassing me and, much more importantly, other Tumblr users.

The developer(s) of another extension used to do that too, but they stopped immediately after I’ve sent them an ask and deleted the posts. These people not just started spamming more often, but also started tagging their spam posts with my personal blog’s url, and I’ve seen more than one post where people posting under their tag (and XKit tags) that their blog was following them, liking and replying to their posts, and it actually not only annoys, but makes them feel uncomfortable. 

Here’s some examples, collected from their tag, I hope the owners of these posts won’t mind me posting these here.

Yes, you can easily block their blog, but they will start harassing other people. The point here is not that, but the fact that an extension developer is doing this to promote their product. Never in the last 2 years I’ve been working on XKit, I’ve ever spammed a competitors tag, or done something like this.

So to all the extension developers out there, please try to make your product better to gain more users, instead of attacking the competition or their users. This way, everyone will benefit.

And to the users, if these people are annoying you, don’t try talking to them. They ignore your asks and start attacking you personally.

Just click the Ignore button, then Spam.

This way, if they don’t stop doing this, we can stop this practice.

Thank you.

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