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A Huge Thank You

I usually try to keep “editorial” posts on this blog to a minimum and only make them when it affects the XKit community (me being sick, on vacation, etc, preventing me from updating XKit or answering asks) but I would like to bend the rules a little today.

I woke up today to an inbox full of the nicest messages possible, and my PayPal account¬†accumulating more than ~3 months worth of donations in less than 24 hours. I’ve tracked a few posts which I think are responsible for this and let me say that just knowing that XKit made people’s blogging experience a bit better makes me happier than you can imagine.¬†

Thank you, everyone, so, so much for your support.
I will do my best not to disappoint any of you.

Also, since a lot of people asked me this yesterday, and I’ve seen a few posts under the tags I track, I must say that I quite like being just “The XKit Guy”, so think of me as The XKit Guy living in The XKit Guy Land.

Although it shouldn’t be hard at all to find my personal blog, I would like to keep that to myself (I wouldn’t like the whole XKit community to know that I just ate a 2 days old pizza, which genitals I like most or how drunk I am, etc.) and I should also say I don’t have any accounts on any website except Tumblr (no Twitter, etc, and I’m certainly not this person, although that made me laugh.)

As always, thanks for reading, and for using XKit!

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