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A personal message from The XKit Guy

As I’ve said yesterday, I like to keep personal things personal. That being said, I’ve recently come across some posts about a terrible rumor that I would like to address, because I know how fast things like that spread on this website, and this is making me really sad and mad at the same time.

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It saddens me to even having to write this. Here we go.

Apparently, some people came across a post (or some posts?) on my personal blog talking negatively about a race. Since, like I’ve said before, I like being just “The XKit Guy Living in The XKit Guy Land”, so I won’t tell you which race that is here.

Unfortunately, people automatically assume you are a white American on this website unless you explicitly state otherwise. And because of that, those remarks can be considered racist if you don’t know anything about me.

But the thing is, I am a member of that race. Those remarks are not one of a xenophobic person spewing racial hatred, it’s just me complaining about some stuff happening in my country. It’s no different than, let’s say, an American, posting “ugh I hate Americans” on their blog after an anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, etc law just passed in their state. It is just complaining / showing disappointment.

I’m not an “anonymous, invisible, mysterious figure”: if you have ever donated, or ran a domain owner check on xkit.info or studioxenix.com, you would see my full name, and in the case of domain owner check, exactly where I live and writing this now.

I really appreciate the intention of those who were trying to spread this, I would not like to send donations / make promotions to a person who is a racist either, but as you know, once you tarnish a name, it takes a long, long time to fix that, so I ask everyone to do a little research before labeling anyone. Research never hurts anyone. Rumors do.

It makes me really sad that now there are people out there who think I’m actually a hate-filled person hiding behind a faux-nice façade.

Again, my apologies for posting this on this blog. This is a blog that is supposed to be about XKit, not this. But I just could not stand idle while this was happening. I hope you understand.

Thank you for reading, and using XKit.

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